ClearedCollab can Help You Find Your Next Career Opportunity Whether it is as a W2, 1099, or C2


We offer our W2 employees an ala carte benefits package. They can pick from being a W2 hourly with no benefits, to healthcare, vacation, holidays, and a host of other benefits. Pick and match the benefits that best fit your needs and give you the coverage and salary that you desire. The posted W2 positions can be with NewGen Technologies, the parent company of ClearedCollab, or with one of our Tier One partner companies. The company that matches with the opportunity is clearly defined in your search.

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Find Me a Job

Are you in a dead end job, an environment that isn’t right or just a bad position but you don’t have time to enter the world of blackhole job boards and submit your resume to positions that you never hear back from.  Enough of that!  Contact one of our Career Concierge today!   Provide them with your profile to include skill set, location, clearance info, rate target and availability date.  Allow us to do the search for you.  

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1099 gives you the flexibility of earning more money hourly but puts the burden of paying taxes on you.  We highly recommend that you consult a tax advisor before opting for a 1099 position.  Please note that 1099 opportunities are only available when contract requirements, security guidelines and IRS guidelines allow.

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When the contract and security requirements allow, ClearedCollab will allows you to work on a corp to corp basis.

Although the majority of the Corp-to-corp positions that we will post are primarily available for individuals that have their own corporation in which they are the only principal and the only person paid by that corporation. We do get instances where multiple-person corporations are allowed. Again, this all depends on the contract and security requirements guidelines set by the project.

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Talk With Us

Speak with one of our growth specialists today or take a look at our current opportunities to see if there’s a listing that piques your interest. It’s time to make the most out of your career and see what’s in store for you in the future.